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Automate Compliance Reports

Save time and stress from producing compliance reports. Compliance reports take a huge toll on employees as gathering data is complex and tedious. 

Never lose files again

Electronic documents can have backups and can be retrieved quickly. Links can be established with your physical filing.

Be more efficient, work less

With Archive One’s ability to create custom indices, it lets users find documents quicker and easier. The more keywords one creates, the more relevant documents will appear. This way, users can spend more time doing strategic work.

Secure your documents

Administrators can track users who have accessed the system and documents, allowing the company to monitor and secure any confidential information.

Intuitive dashboard display

The dashboard shows the consolidated data, arranged numbers, metrics and latest activities on a single screen. The essential feature of the dashboard includes the ability to pull real-time data from multiple sources.

Access your data anytime, anywhere

Access documents through the Archive One cloud. Fret not about work while you're away.

Get notifications

Be in the know when a document is expiring or needs to be updated. 

Manage collaboration among your team

Easily share files across the organization. Be able to upload different versions of a document. 

Perform redaction digitally

Reduce the time and effort in concealing confidential information by eliminating the extra steps from manual redaction such as copying, printing, and filing.

Track documents easily

Track your compliance documents in an instant with document sets.

Share documents through QR Code

Archive One allows users to stamp a QR code on a document before downloading a copy.  It can be used for authentication, sharing and easier access to the digital copy of a document.

Simplify audits

Archive One provides a single user interface for audits—making it easy to prepare the required information correctly, provide system access to auditors,  and  generate  reports on audit scope easily.