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Q: How do I activate my software?

Archive One by default comes with a 30-day trial license. A product key is required if you wish to use it beyond this period.

Q: What is a product key?

Product keys allow you to activate the Archive One on your PC. You may request for a product key at any time by sending an email to our helpdesk.

Q: Where should I key in my product key?

Please refer to user manual.

Q: My product key won't verify. What's the problem?

Try opening the program using an administrator account. If the problem persists, check the network connection.

Q: I have a non-Windows device (like Apple) and I want to use Archive One on it. What should I do?

Archive One client only runs on devices that runs Windows 7 and later versions.

Non-Windows users may access Archive One using Archive One Web which is sold separately.

Q: I cannot login to the system, what should I do?

Please follow these steps:

  • Check database connection – refer to manual
  • Do a password reset – refer to manual

Q: Which version of Archive One is ideal for my organization?

Needs may vary depending on the nature of business or operation. A small to medium business deployment is ideal for 5 to 30 users and a typical enterprise deployment is modelled around high availability with high user access concurrency. To know more, visit here.

Q: Can we use our existing accounts in the Active Directory to login to Archive One?

Yes, you can setup Archive One to inherit domain accounts.

Q: What ports should we open to access Archive One?

Please refer to the installation manual.