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Q: What is a Document Management System?

A Document Management System, DMS, is a system designed to help document owners classify, store & secure, search for and retrieve essential company records. Learn More.

Q: Why is a Document Management important?

Implementing a Document Management System delivers many benefits. Its core purpose is to save time and money, and this is achieved by providing a means to reduce file storage, eliminating the risks of losing files, enhancing compliance, delivering document security and providing access to all documents with an efficient method of searching. Learn More.

Q: What is document imaging?

Document Imaging or scanning is a method of converting paper-based records into an electronic format. Here’s a link to our document imaging process. Learn More.

Q: What file formats can be stored in a Document Management System?

Virtually any file format can be stored in Archive One, from image files, such as TIFF, PDF, PNG, etc., to MS office suite files, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, etc.

Q: What types of scanners does Archive One Support?

It supports all scanner types regardless of the brand and model.