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Q: Can Archive One integrate with third party software systems?

When it comes to the integration with third party software systems, Archive One has an API that can integrate with other system. Our Technical Support will scope out first to know the type of integration needed.

Q: But we already scanned our documents, isn’t that enough?

Deciding to scan your documents is usually the first step. But what most clients tend to forget is the means to retrieving what they have scanned, securing what they have scanned from unwanted access, risks of loss, etc. Learn More.

Q: Are there any limits to what documents can be captured in the system?

There is no limit. The largest installation has more than 75 million pages and is growing by more than 500 thousand per month. Learn More.

Q: How does indexing work?

Indexing is the process of attaching metadata to the scanned file, for example, if the document for scanning was an invoice, we would usually index it with the document type (invoice), date, vendor name, PO number. When you do a search and retrieval of document image, this is the keyword you use to do a search.

Q: What reports can be generated from Archive One?

Custom reports can be created to help data mine your company’s archive since users can create custom indices by document type. Reports generated can be exported to Excel and PDF for submission. Learn More.