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Go Paperless! is the go-to scanning service brand of businesses in the Philippines. We offer a wide range of scanning services to address the challenges of storing and retrieving paper and help businesses save time, reduce paper costs, increase overall document security, and rapidly retrieve documents.


Dedicated Scanning Team.

We have an efficient team dedicated to delivering high-quality service within your required timeline.

Strict Quality & Security Controls.

Our service is built on quality, information, security, and best document control practices. Go Paperless is Data Privacy compliant.

End-to-End Outsourced Services.

We scan and convert the scanned images to searchable text through indexing for easy retrieval of digital records.

High-Volume Production Capability.

We are set up for high-volume projects having the capability to scan up to 5 million pages per month.


We have three types of services, depending on what your business needs. 


Go Paperless! Scan on Demand
Simple and Easy

document boxes

No fuss setup. Most businesses would fit this requirement.
It's convenient. We can pick up and deliver to your doorstep. Costs are fixed.


 Scan-On-Demand Options:

Customer Site Scanning

Go Paperless Site Scanning

BIR Form 2316 Scanning

HR 201 Files Scanning 

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Scan on Demand Pricing
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Go Paperless! Custom Scanning
Large Volume

go paperless document scanning team

For projects greater than 250,000 pages. Costs may vary depending on paper quality, logistics and indexing complexity. View questionnaire and fill out the necessary details to receive a quote.



  • Priced per page and index + Project Management + Audits
  • BALLPARK (Your Office) Php 1.10–2.20 / Page

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Go Paperless! Teams

document scanning quality assurance

For Large Enterprises with a continuous flow of paper documents. Outsourced custom business process with Service Level Agreement (SLA) requirements.  View questionnaire and fill out the necessary details to receive a quote.



  • Php 25,000 / FTE Supervised

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Other Services

Do It Yourself Scanning