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Do the scanning yourself with the right tools

Whether you choose to DIY or outsource document scanning, our role is to make your scanning process efficient. We help you determine the best scanners and provide you with the best software to get the job done. Consulting, sales, and installation are all available.


Automated Document Classification and Indexing

Our platform can recognize and classify all types of documents by content type and extract automatically the relevant index data per document type.

This enables organizations to easily retrieve and classify information in an automated manner, which results in fewer errors, significantly lesser time and minimal input from your designated staff, which in turn, shifts the focus to the quality control in the indexing process.

Designed for teams 

Small & Medium Business

Limited by their resources, SMBs need to remove redundant costs and keep the operations even more efficient. If the documents are still on paper form, the volume would surely double itself within a few years. This would entail making provision for additional space to safely archive the paper documents, which would incur recurring costs. 

This can be avoided by digitizing the documents and extracting data automatically for it to be searchable.


Streamlining invoice processes for payables records is the first step to better accounting. In order to achieve this, the payables and other finance records would have to be digitized. By using a data capture solution, relevant information can easily be extracted from invoices of different vendors.

Improve the processing of accounts payable and stay compliant with the BIR.


Employers are required by law to keep employee records on file during and after an employment. Moving records over to a digital format can make it easier to manage these documents, as well as to comply with regulations that require documents to be securely kept on file.

 Automatic data extraction would prevent companies from spending extra time on re-entering data and ensure them to extract data faster.

Law Firms

Law firms often keep data entry clerks on staff to manually input critical case data for data harvesting and retrieval. Archive One AI was developed with smart data extraction to help classify and index legal documents based on their titles, content, authorship and specific criteria related to each case.

It captures critical data and together with Archive Document Management System, it can easily be accessed and shared when needed.


How to get started

Do the scanning yourself by following the steps below


1. Decide what needs to be scanned. 

Not every document needs to be scanned. Take a close look at your files and decide what’s important. Removing unimportant documents saves lots of time when it is time to scan your files.  


2. Buy a scanner from us and get a free month of Archive One Subscription.

Consider the size of your project. Buying a scanner that suits your needs is a worthwhile investment especially if you think about not having to sit and wait for your scanned documents before you can get on with your work. Moreover, being able to meet the time frame of the project is of utmost importance especially for critical documents.

We have
 selected a list of recommended scanners based on your possible requirements. 

*Pricing and availability are subject to change.


Scanner: Brother ADS-2400N

PHP 24,990​.00*


  • Pages scanned per day: 4,000


Scanner: Brother ADS-1600W

PHP 19,990.00*


  • Pages scanned per day: 500


3. Choose software and set up. Pick a plan that suits your needs.





₱ 6,000


₱ 10,000


₱ 20,000


 Buy Now

Archive One Document Management System 

Monthly Subscription


Archive One SME

PHP 9,999/Month


  • Archive One Cloud on Microsoft Azure
  • Ideal for small to medium sized businesses
  • Accommodates up to 25 users
  • Up to 1M Pages 
  • VAT Exclusive


  • MS Azure SQL/500 GB Storage
  • Individual Database Setup / Private Storage
  • 99.9 % Uptime
  • Backup
  • Customer Support Email and Phone

 Talk to a Specialist


Archive One Standard

PHP 14,999/Month


  • Archive One Cloud on Microsoft Azure
  • Suitable for medium sized companies, or for departmental use
  • Accommodates up to 50 users
  • Storage of up to 2m pages 
  • VAT Exclusive


  • MS Azure SQL/1 TB Storage
  • Individual Database Setup / Private Storage
  • 99.9 % Uptime
  • Backup
  • Customer Support Email and Phone

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Archive One Enterprise

PHP 49,999/Month


  • Archive One Cloud on Microsoft Azure
  • For company wide deployment in large corporations
  • Accommodates unlimited users on a single server
  • Storage of up to 4m pages
  • VAT Exclusive


  • MS Azure SQL/2 TB Storage
  • Individual Database Setup / Private Storage
  • 99.9 % Uptime
  • Backup
  • Customer Support Email and Phone

 Talk to a Specialist

 Buying Guidelines

  • Delivery of scanner within Metro Manila is free.
  • For delivery outside Metro Manila, there will be a delivery charge on top of your purchase. It will be subject to price checking (based on location) via our logistics provider. Contact us at sales@paperlesstrail.net before placing an order.