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A unified service for compliance


Paperless Trail’s Digital Room helps businesses digitize, store, and manage the retention policies of physical and digital records. This service also includes the production of compliance reports to stay compliant with industry-specific regulations and government policies and improve data access and collaboration while reducing costs. 

With 20 years in business digitizing up to 5 million pages per month, we offer a comprehensive records compliance solution that can significantly minimize your compliance costs and support your compliance program through digital transformation. ​


How can we help?

  • Manage the lifecycle of digital and physical records for you.
  • Set up a scanning bureau at your site, provide the equipment, a Document Management software, and a trained team of staff.
  • Convert your inbound paper documents to digital files, extract data, and upload it to the document management system (DMS) so you can access your business-critical documents right away.
  • Process all types of documents for you, such as 201 files, purchase orders, invoices, patient records, loan applications, etc.
  • Securely archive and manage the retention of your processed physical records at Crown’s facilities.

Why choose Paperless Trail's Digital Room?

Lower Costs

Improve efficiency by using job specific professionals

Free Up Management Time

We will remove the tedious aspects of compliance, so you can focus on value

Fixed Monthly Costs

Remove surprises and avoid costs overruns

Get Insights

Understand what records you produce and when you need to get rid of them


Our on-premise staff will take care of your records, digitize them and make them accessible

We Listen…

Feedback is what makes us better.  Tell us what you need, and we will find a way to make it happen together


How does Digital Room work?

Paperless Trail in partnership with Crown Records Management




 Ready to see how Digital Room can transform your business?