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Why you need a Document Management System when you can just scan files

A Document Management System brings about more benefits than just storing scanned images.

Losing Business Documents


Electronic Documents:

A Document Management System (DMS) can store your office files too!  Storage is not limited to scanned images.

A DMS becomes your central storage of records.


Having a DMS to manage your files enables you to search for records really quick. 

It is like having your own "Google" to google your internal documents.

This saves valuable employee time.

Version Control:

Keep a history of document revisions so you can open old versions.

Other Benefits

Security and Audit

Sticking files in a shared drive often exposes the files to unauthorized personnel.  Surely payroll information must be kept confidential at all times.

With a DMS there is no way to open the files, except through the application, which regulates security.

Ease of collaboration while maintaining privacy

Sharing files is easy yet a DMS maintains its privacy settings.

Minimize duplicate copies of electronic documents

How many copies of a single presentation can your office have?

This often an overlooked cost.  The cost of duplicate files in shared drives.