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Why Outsource Document Scanning



Nowadays, document scanning is commonplace as businesses recognize that digital storage offers various advantages such as improved security, peace of mind, and data protection compliance.

Simple as it may seem, document scanning is not an easy task. You must consider the condition of the paper, the volume of documents, and the mundane task of sorting and preparing the paper for scanning, assigning file names or indexing it to make it searchable. This would involve a lot of time, effort, and even manpower.

Consider the points below when you are deciding between in-house or outsourced scanning for your business documents.



In-house or DIY scanning is suitable for businesses with a small stream of documents to scan on an ongoing basis. In order to be successful, employees have to be equipped with desktop scanners. For bigger scanning projects, it might make sense for bigger organizations with large volumes of documents to scan in-house, but this usually requires investment in setting up their own scanning bureau.



  • Some images may be hard to read or totally unreadable due to the wrong settings.
  • Edges of documents may not be scanned due to improper paper grooming or lack of it.
  • Improper handling of old and sensitive documents.
  • Distorted or blurred images.
  • Characters are not recognized when converted into editable text using OCR.


  • Improper indexing that can affect document retrieval.
  • Limited scanner capabilities.
  • Inability to meet the scanning project deadline.
  • Troubles stemming from scanning equipment maintenance.
  • Scanned images are too large, which also occupies more digital storage.



Outsourced Scanning makes sense for the digitization of large backfile documents. Large backfile documents are basically the old files from your archives without a digital equivalent. These projects usually pose multiple concerns: timeliness, data security, clarity of the papers, and scanning of delicate material due to the aging of paper.



  • Reduce Expenses

Document scanning projects require trained staff, software, and necessary equipment. Purchasing an industrial-grade scanner is not really ideal especially for a short-term need. Chances are, after the backfile scanning project, the scanner will be left unutilized and consuming office space as the day-forward projects can be done using smaller scanners. With outsourced scanning, you will be assured that the project will be on time and on budget.

Moreover, scanning is a very labor-intensive process that involves a minimum of five (5) people for a small scanning project of 15,000 pages. Conversion of the scanned images, also known as indexing, would need software. These costs could be eliminated by outsourcing.


  • Save Time

Having existing staff do scanning will eat up a lot of their working time which potentially can result in losing efficient admin staff and earning very bad scanning operators. Having to deal with scanning project deadlines or time-bound Service Level Agreements (SLAs) adds even more pressure and stress to your internal teams. With an outsourced team, your documents undergo Quality Control and will be re-scanned if needed. Your documents will be returned to you in its original state – so if it was submitted stapled or in a binder, it will be submitted back as such.


  • Reduce Risk

When you choose a reliable partner for your scanning project, you can ensure document and data security. The staff and the partner are bound with a confidentiality agreement and compliant with the Data Privacy Act. You will be assured that the scanned documents will be digitized on time, and ready for audit.



Selecting a scanning solutions provider is your first step in outsourcing your scanning jobs. You want to know that a partner is Data Privacy Act Compliant and will be able to meet the project’s timeline, budget, and deliver superb results. Go Paperless, our scanning service brand, has established procedures and security controls of the highest standards to ensure on-time delivery of projects. We have thousands of satisfied customers from different industries who rely on our service.


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