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The Price of Scanning

Why do you need to know volume, storage mechanisms and quality of paper? This question often comes up when planning for a scanning project.

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Factors that affect costs

Manpower Costs

Scanning is a very labor intensive process. It takes a team to get it done properly.

Output per person

If labor costs you Php 500 per day and an operator was able to scan a hundred(100) pages. Cost per page is Php 5.00

But there are other things that need to be done before you can feed paper into a scanner.

Document Preparations

More often than not, scanning operators need to do these things.

  • Remove staple wires
  • Paste receipts
  • Take out from folders and  fasteners
  • Put back into fasteners and back into folders
  • Arrange the folders

By the time the scanner operator finishes all of these, the operator's output goes down to twenty(20) pages. Now making the cost of scanning Php 25.00 per page.

In Summary

All about output and process

Scanning is all about output. Processes that slowdown output affect the bottom line.

Making mistakes on estimating a 1,000 page job may just be painful. But making mistakes on a 1,000,000 page job is a disaster.


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