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Stay Updated wherever you are

Managers are on-the-go people as they must go around for client meetings and presentations. While away, they need to check on status of proposals, contracts, and so on.

A cloud-based document management system comes in handy during presentations and business travels – given the situation that managers need to pull out an important document on the spot. Bringing actual papers are a pain in the neck as it could get wet, crumpled, and could even get misplaced.

Archive One has a cloud-based option where users can access business documents through the internet anytime, anywhere. Having a document management system with such feature allows managers to easily retrieve and search files in just seconds and gives managers one less problem to deal with.

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Business meetings allow employees to travel. With their hectic schedule and other existing tasks, they still must go to another place to meet with clients or other employees. Most of them need to check or present the status of contracts, proposals, and so on.

Archive One has this cloud-based option wherein you could access your business documents anytime, anywhere. Having this document management system, you could easily retrieve your files in just seconds. It acts as an online filing cabinet that you can bring wherever you go.

No need to bring a lot of documents for presentation during meetings. When traveling for work, you must bring documents to be presented to your colleagues. However, you are exposing documents to risks such as getting it wet. Second, it can get crumpled inside your bag. Lastly, you can misplace it. With Archive One, everything is stored in one place. Just type in the keyword of the document you wish to see and within a second, you can already access it.

While you’re away, it’s easy for you to keep track of contract changes, purchase orders, and other business documents. Just log in, and search for the document you are looking for. No need to worry about the security of your documents since you could download and protect it with a password. An access log is also available for the user to see the history of the documents and whoever has accessed it.