Scanning Hospital Medical Records 


Why hospitals should scan medical records

Data Analytics

Medical Directors can get a lot of information from data mining medical records.  If records are properly coded to ICD 10, Medical Directors can get a glimpse of the largest numbers of cases, and make the appropriate investments in equipment.

Hospital marketing teams can also get a lot of information from data mining. (From finding out where patients are from, age brackets and top diseases and procedures to date).

Protection of Records

Patient records have very long retention periods. (ensuring the safety and accessibility of records is challenging when dealing with paper).

Valuable Space Reclamation

Hospital space is very important and medical records eat up a lot of space.  Storing medical records off-site is a very practical and much cheaper option than storing records on-premise.


It is quite common to see delays or very long processing times to get medical histories with hospitals in the Philippines.

DOH Compliance

The Department of Health requires hospitals to submit statistical data. These datasets are cumbersome and costly to produce without a Document Management System, but these datasets are very important for the health of the population and it needs to be done.

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