Tags: Document Management System for Pharmaceutical Industry, Document Management System for ISO compliance

Project Profile: InMed

Cloud-based Document Management System for an ISO Certified medical equipment manufacturer. 


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Industry: Medical Devices

Duration: April 2019 to present


About InMed: Inmed Corporation is the country’s leading and trusted master distributor of quality local and imported medical products and supplies. Inmed Corporation is ISO 9000:2008 certified.


What: Archiving of documents finance, human resource, and engineering documents

  • Disbursement Vouchers and Supporting Documents, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, HR 201 Files, Plans and Programs, Detailed Engineering Designs and similar files


Project Description:

InMed reached out to our team due to the amount of office space that their manual records are occupying. They realized that managing manual records is very costly. In addition, they aim to have easier monitoring and stronger internal control of their documents, especially for the finance department. 

As a solution, they formed an in-house team to scan their HR, Finance, and Engineering files and subscribed to Archive One SaaS Large Plan, our cloud-based document management system which now serves as their central storage for the digital documents.


Archive One SaaS was also rolled out to their sister company, PMC Group of Companies (PMC). The records of InMed and PMC are separated using Archive One’s document libraries.



Lower costs, more innovation. InMed is able to reduce the need for boxes, filing cabinets, and storage, free up their office space, and replace their manual paper-based system with a web-based document management system.

Better document control.  InMed’s finance department meets standard documentation requirements and can easily access electronic financial records for audits and other internal reasons.