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Philippine HR Congress: The Importance of People Management


The 11th Philippine HR Congress with the theme Totally Quality Driven HR at SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City on August 16 and 17, 2017.

Over 1,500 professionals from the Human Resource and Training sector gathered together in order to strengthen their leadership skills and gain new skills to handle bigger job roles and responsibilities.

Paperless Trail Inc. had the opportunity to showcase Go Paperless! scanning services, as well as Archive One.

Archive One and Go Paperless! work together in order to improve HR services, from Data Privacy to record keeping compliance.

Here are some of the benefits of our end to end solution:

1) Reduced storage space – Property costs in CBD’s are painstakingly high. Since the digitized documents are stored in the document management solution, documents can be stored off-site to a cheaper location.

2) Enhanced Security – A DMS leaves an audit trail of who has viewed or accessed the document. DMS holds documents better as access to different documents can be controlled on a granular level – download, view, print, etc.

3) Improved Regulatory Compliance – Compliance requirements can be difficult for some companies. Non-conformance can lead to revoked licenses, fines, and even criminal liabilities. It reduces the risk of non-compliance as it is easier to keep and track documents with a DMS.  HR compliance reports are already built-in to Archive One.

4) Easier Retrieval – Retrieval of documents can be very time consuming. An average worker spends 30% of his time looking for documents. A worker can use that time to do more productive work. A DMS works just like Google – once you search for the keyword, results immediately pops up.

5) Better Collaboration – The good thing about electronic images stored in a DMS is that they can be accessed from multiple locations. Electronic imaging can be easily shared among colleagues over a network.

6) Better Backup and Disaster Recovery – You don’t have to worry about your digitized documents being destroyed by fire, flood, or other disasters.