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Import Microsoft Office files to retain intellectual property

Manage Microsoft Office files together with digitized paper records with Archive One.

Regulate access to files and clear up shared drives.


Enterprise Knowledge

When employees move on… Knowledge gained or pieces of intellectual property go out the door with them.

This may be a piece of research, a contract draft or a marketing plan that was collaborated on using 4 employees and 240 man-days of work.  At USD 100  per day, that file is worth USD 24,000!

Mostly these types of valuable files end up in an individual’s email account or shared drive forgotten by everyone.


Reuse! All previous efforts of knowledge employees sitting in files SHOULD be maximized and passed on to new employees or projects.  These files can be used as templates or used as a reference for creating new documents.

Automated Keyword Extraction

Archive One automates the importation of Microsoft Office files and extracts keywords that are relevant to the document.  The top keywords are ranked and converted to metadata.

The extracted keywords result in more meaningful searches.

Free up disk space and duplicates

Shared drives will always consume more disk space and most of these are duplicate files copied from one folder to another.

Archive One is a document management software designed to help companies easily classify, store, secure, and retrieve essential company documents that are needed for retention and audits. With the help of our partners, we provide an end-to-end document management solution from scanning to document storage, at a highly competitive price.

Achieve documentation compliance with Archive One for as low as 150 Php/employee!

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