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How Archive One helps with DPA Compliance

The Data Privacy Act (DPA) of the Philippines RA 1103 is a much needed piece of legislation. Businesses need to protect sensitive information. Archive One can help simplify the administration of DPA requirements.

The law helps us protect our (PII) Personally Identifiable Information.

Ever wonder what banks, condo units, hotels and government agencies do with photocopies of our drivers licenses, passports and even credit cards?

Add that to Facebook and Linked In.  They pretty much know us already!

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 Protected Storage

Archive One does not store records on the file system or shared drives. Shared drive files can be accessed by anyone with administrative rights.

 Audit Logs

Transaction Logs are made for every single action on a record. Actions such previews, downloads and checkouts are recorded.

 Access Pass

Grants a temporary privilege for employees to access records. The Access pass expires within 24 hours, so less administration is required.


Encryption is done on data in transit and at rest.

 Digital Signatures

Sending an electronic document out? Make sure it is digitally signed using certified Digital Signatures from Global Sign.

 Promotes Good Security Practices

Using a document management system for storage encourages employees to take data security seriously.