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Manufacturing Industry: Support your Quality Management Program with Document Management

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The adherence to document control standards and the productivity of manufacturing facilities are significantly weighed down by the continuous influx of paper documents that range from purchase orders, revision notices, invoices, and proof of delivery forms, among others; all of which are essential in ensuring operational efficiency in the process. Therefore, if you have a manufacturing company whose struggles stem from handling paper documents, it is imperative that you get yourself a solution that allows for files to be streamlined for better organization and conformance to regulatory and compliance requirements for manufacturing procedures.

Major documents in a manufacturing document movement system include:

  • Project management document

In the manufacturing industry, having disorderly or unfinished project documentation accounts for most income delays that add up to millions of dollars. This can all be avoided by investing in a manufacturing document management system (DMS). Such a system allows for transparency, traceability, flexibility, and automation when managing manufacturing projects.

  • Office documentation

The use of an electronic document management system has proved to be effective and beneficial compared to conventional models, which were paper-based. With this realization, a huge number of manufacturing organizations are moving towards using a document management system in handling their office documentation. Such a system allows for efficiency and order in the organizations while allowing for the reduction of any frustrations and costs.

  • HR documents

While the human resource remains to be of critical value to the livelihood of a manufacturing organization, so are the documents used in managing them. By investing in a document management system, your manufacturing company will be setting itself up for success as the management of information regarding the business owners, department heads, supervisors, managers, and employees will be easier and more seamless.

  • Contract documents

By investing in a document management system, your company stands to be free of any risks associated with contracts. Such a system helps with the management, preparation, signing, approval, and agreement of all contracts.

How a document management system (DMS) for manufacturing can be critical in meeting regulatory compliance:

  • Flexible and simple to increase user convenience
  • Help with the completion of audit reports existing within the repository
  • Maintaining a document life cycle by using a version control feature
  • Controlling records through a record management system
  • Rely on a number of security controls that will help with safeguarding the data

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