Common Myths in Scanning and Document Management

Scanning is Document Management

This is the most common misconception about document management.  Scanning is just the tip of the iceberg. Finding, protecting and sharing files is the goal for this. You need to plan, and structure taxonomy, indices, and document ownership among numerous other factors. More importantly, you need to understand the impact of your existing business processes, workload and procedures.

Document Level Security

This is another commonly requested feature. It only works for Micro Business.  Imagine this scenario where a company has 500,000 documents and 100 employees. If you are responsible for record keeping and security, this will definitely eat up a lot of your time.  This gets even more complicated when employees move on.


OCR is an oversold technology. It works in some very ideal situations, but rarely with Philippine businesses that still operate on paper. It may work on electronically produced documents, printed on clean paper with a limited number of document types. The simple alternative is attaching properly planned indices.

Scanning is 1 person with a Scanner

Can’t even begin to count how many companies attempt this. Based on our experience, some companies have bought very expensive equipment in an attempt to do this, but only manage a thousand (1,000) pages a day when it should have been at least twenty thousand (20,000) pages a day. Like most business processes, it is all about core competency.

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