Archive One deployed on-premise shares the same features, user interface and integration capabilities as Archive One SaaS solution. The primary difference is the cost and the level of support required for setup and maintenance.​

Is Archive One On-Premise Right For You?

While more companies are moving to the cloud, some companies still stick to the on-premise solution. For some industries, there are IT governance or compliance regulations that they have to comply to. Also, deploying to own servers allows companies to have complete control over their IT infrastructure and assume the risks, rather than being dependent on external factors.

Licensing Version Comparison

With Archive One On-Premise, you purchase licenses for servers, users, and add-ons. This makes the on-premise application flexible to suit the business needs of an organization. It requires only a license for Archive One to operate on-premise. Archive One has three licensing models, which covers requirements for various sized organizations. You also have the option to expand the feature set with add-ons, such as One Time Passwords, Automated Page OCR and Page Analysis, and Automated Text Extraction. Once purchased, these additional features are available to all users in the organization

Standard Enterprise High-Availablity
Features Document Browser
Office Document Previews Support preview of Microsoft Office Files
Storage Multiple Library Containers Allows separation of database blob storage on different database instances or database files.  This feature allows multiple backup strategies per library.
Multi Environment Installation Allows the same licenses to be installed in Production, Staging and Test servers.
Cluster Installation Allows the same licenses to be installed on clusters.
Security Native Field Encryption Allows native encryption of index fields.  Database Admins will have no access to PII information.  Provides separation of concerns for IT and business users.
One Time Passwords Requires One Time Passwords that are sent to the user’s mobile phone.

✔ - Included                     

✘ - Not Included                                 

● - Optional