Archive One makes compliance and audits easy.

Automate Compliance Reports

Save time and stress from producing compliance reports. Compliance reports take a huge toll on employees as gathering data is complex and tedious. 

Never lose files again

Electronic documents can have backups and can be retrieved quickly. Links can be established with your physical filing.

Be more efficient, work less

With Archive One’s ability to create custom indices, it lets users find documents quicker and easier. The more keywords one creates, the more relevant documents will appear. This way, users can spend more time doing strategic work.

Secure Documents

Administrators can track users who have accessed the system and documents, allowing the company to monitor and secure any confidential information.



What our customers say about us 

"Despite a half-day time difference (Florida, USA & Manila, Philippines); estimated volume of 1,250,000 pages, some dating back more than 10 years; COVID shutdowns and quarantines, the PTI team stayed in contact, kept us updated, and realistically managed our expectations. Through it all, Paperless Trail stepped up, faced each challenge, and truly partnered with the Kforce team to make it happen. As a result, all of our documents are properly scanned, digitized, indexed, and digitally signed."

- Penney Boyd, Kforce

Information Security Policy

As experts in handling and processing information, we recognize the importance of data security and are taking further steps toward our commitment to protecting customer information through our ISO 27001:2022 initiatives.

 View Information Security Policy

Be Compliant With The Data Privacy Act

Businesses have to adhere to the Data Privacy Act (DPA) of the Philippines RA 1103 to be on the right side of the law.  Every individual, may it be an employee or a customer, has data protection rights, which includes the safekeeping and confidentiality of personal records. Archive One can help businesses comply with the DPA requirements with its data protection feature.

Minimize Your Compliance Costs

The Digital Room all-in-one service can help your business avoid penalties and reduce up to 25-40% of the costs associated with recordkeeping compliance.

The Digital Room service is designed for large businesses that receive and generate high-volumes of paper records daily. 

Stay Updated Wherever You Are

Keep track of contract changes, purchase orders and other business documents with its Audit Trail feature and fully-functional Dashboard design.