Litigation Support

Tags: Document management, document archiving, indexing, scanning and organizing in the Philippines with Archive One Document Management System

Document management systems play a large role in litigation support.

In the events of tragic peacetime maritime disasters where thousands of lives are potentially lost, the litigation cases for these events are extremely complex. They require the management of a huge quantity of documents for the legal cases involved. These experiences are both daunting and very expensive.

The client is a law firm that represents the victims and their dependents. They had to transport tens of thousands of pages to the courts each hearing. 



  • Costs of transporting these documents to and from the courts.
  • The risk of losing original documents.
  • The burden of searching for documents during the discovery phase of any legal action.




  • Lost or missing documents.
  • Delays in proceedings.
  • Valuable time lost searching for documents.



The use of document management systems for litigation support is vital. Scanning documents costs significantly less than photocopying, and you can pass the costs of document reproduction to the other side. During the discovery phase a DMS can confirm that all parties have access to all the documents that they are entitled to. Furthermore, you can ensure that you are all working with the same document. You can also check to see if a certain document has been accessed and by whom. You can reach and access each document in seconds, which saves valuable time and money. All documents can be scanned, indexed and stored in a DMS, thus ensuring that your documents are protected as part of the standard backup process.