Document Signing and SSL

Tags: Authentication, Message integrity, Digital certificate, Electronic signature, Private key, Public key, Website credibility

Trusted Digital Signatures

Digital Signing Signatures are needed when it comes to signing off important documents like invoices, purchase orders, contracts, and vacation requests. It is impractical to have to keep on printing every time a signature is required. With the integration of technology to practically every part of our lives, signatures have also become digitized. On top of providing authenticity to your documents, it also keeps your entire workflow online. This means that processes in your workplace are faster and easier.

GlobalSign, our partner and a member of Adobe’s Approved Trust List (AATL), offers document signing certificates. Learn more about GlobalSign here >

ExtendedSSL Certificate

With the expanding knowledge of people about the deep dark web and its information, it is important to be cautious with the things that we do online. One way to know whether the site you are reaching is secure and reliable is through an ExtendedSSL.

ExtendedSSL is an Extended Validation Certificate – the highest class of SSL available today. Having ExtendedSSL lends more credibility to your website compared to using an organization or domain validated SSL Certificate. It activates the green address bar and displays your organization name in the browser interface. All these security indicators increase user trust in your website and its credibility, leading to more sales conversions.