Wordtext Systems, Inc. is now a distributor of Archive One - Document Management System (Ref: AO-109)

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We are delighted to announce Wordtext Systems Inc as our main distribution partner and distributor of Archive One - Document Management System, our flagship product here at Paperless Trail.

Wordtext Systems Inc are the oldest IT distributor in The Philippines. With over 30 years of experience in the field of IT distribution, as well as being one of the best managed and financially stable companies in the industry, we feel that Wordtext Systems Inc have all the credentials to be the best distribution partner for Archive One - Document Management System. 

We look forward to a long partnership with Wordtext Systems Inc and believe that this partnership will be extremely beneficial and will provide exciting prospects for both parties.

Note: If this article leads to you making an inquiry to us, please use reference RE: AO-109 when you email us with your inquiry.