Water Damaged Document Recovery and Backup Plan (Ref: AO-105)

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Without an organization’s records and documents, overall business operations are hampered, badly disrupted, and can even fail completely. As part of a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan, electronic copies of all files must always be available as a backup.

Ironically, Paper documents are extremely fragile despite the fact that they contain some of the most critical and confidential information of a business and its clients. When a disaster hits, such as flooding, paper files and folders are usually the first things to be completely destroyed and become unsalvageable.

Paper documents are particularly prone to extreme water damage. This makes the information contained in that file extremely difficult to save and retrieve. Even something as small as extra humidity in an area is enough to trigger the growth of mold. Document Imaging, Indexing and Archiving are essential in today’s business operations, should the inevitable scenario above occur. However, if you are already too late and do not have backups for your documents, here’s a few tip for salvaging flood and water damaged documents.

  1. Carefully remove the documents from water and make sure not to tear them by holding it only on one end.
  2. If the water is muddy, gently rinse it off with some clear cold water. Lay them on a flat surface and rinse or spray them gently.
  3. Lay the papers individually on a flat dry surface and use an oscillating fan to increase air circulation and speed drying. Do not point the fan directly at the files.
  4. If you have so much water damaged documents that you can’t deal with them right away, seal them in air-tight plastic bags and place them inside a freezer to stop the deterioration of the paper.

Keep a back up of your business documents and paperwork. the Archive One Document Management System creates a complete and efficient process for document scanning, indexing, archiving, distribution, version control, multiple backups and security. Archive One is a product of Paperless Trail Inc.

Paperless Trail Inc. is a Philippines based system integrator and applications developer, specializing in document management systems, GIS based applications, and document scanning and digitizing.

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