Security and Auditing for Document Management Systems (Ref: AO-104)

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Digital data provides the safest form of storage. Duplicates are made easily and are saved in multiple locations. This protects against disasters such as floods and fires. In order to protect against internal risks, viewing can be optimized and restricted by specified users, groups, or a combination of both.

Auditing access to documents allows a company to monitor and verify users who have accessed the company’s document management system.

An Audit Trail is created, reporting on the full list of ‘transactions’ and event logs against any document. This practically covers anything a user can and may do with a document in a system. Everytime a document is created, edited, filled, checked out or deleted from the system, a secure report is created. This makes it much easier to track each document.

Document access auditing is also part of many compliance regulations such as Sabarnes-Oxley, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS. With the current trend of files being made available online, and virtually accessible anywhere in the world, file access auditing is becoming increasingly complicated and crucial.

A Document access audit must be able to:

  • Store activity logs in a centralized activity journal database.
  • Define and manage auditing policy solutions.
  • Send email alerts and remediation workflow.
  • Audit access activity.
  • Track access hits on a document.
  • Tracking log entries.
  • Document statistics. (Most viewed, most downloaded, etc)
  • Version control and history.
  • Show how many documents were viewed by one user.

Archive One Document Management System allows companies to organize, store, and monitor secure electronic backups of their documents with file access auditing. File access auditing most importanty allows for a secure and efficient document management system.

Archive One is a product of Paperless Trail Inc., a Philippines based system integrator and applications developer specializing in document management systems, GIS based applications, document scanning and digitizing.

Paperless Trail is a member of Quadra Alliance – the premier full service IT solutions provider in the Philippines.

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