Scanning & Document Management Solutions for Schools & Hospitals in the Philippines (Ref: AO-117)

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A brighter future, with a digitized community’

Paperless Trail are actively pursuing community development initiatives, through providing discounted Scanning, imaging, and document management solutions to schools and hospitals in The Philippines.

Our aim is to eventually provide our professional services to all schools and hospitals in The Philippines at an affordable price.


With the overwhelming number of documents all companies and organizations in The Philippines are required to store, secure and manage, schools and hospitals are currently swamped with vast quantities of physical paperwork and document records...

What this means:

Admin and HR staff have to find an abundance of storage space in order to store all of these physical documents, and a lot of time is wasted searching for them.

This becomes more of a challenge knowing that these documents can be easily misplaced, stolen or lost due to some uncontrollable disaster.

What we want to do for you:

  • Scan and index all of your physical documents and files for you.
  • Transfer the documents on to our document management system (Archive One).
  • Help simplify finding and managing your files and documents at the click of a button. 

In 8 Hours We can deliver:

15,000 pages of scanned output for A4 & A3 size/Mono Color.

200 pages of scanned output for A2 & A0 size/Mono Color.

5 simple steps:

1. Retrieve physical files and documents.

2. Scan physical files and documents.

3. Convert Physical files and documents electronically through indexing.

4. Turnover digital archives.

5. Provide Software (Archive One) to update, search for and retrieve files with a document management archive.

10,000 free pages worth of scanning & imaging:

For Schools and Hospitals, we are offering to scan the first 10,000 pages of files and documents for free.

Deployment of Archive One:

When you choose us for your document scanning and imaging projects, we will also install a deployment of our Archive One Document Management System. With Archive

One, you can easily manage your documents once they have been scanned and digitized, at the click of a button.

Note: If this article leads to you making an inquiry to us, please use reference RE: AO-117 when you email us with your inquiry.