Saving money & reducing costs by storing documents in a warehouse storage (Ref: AO-113)

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  Most companies and organizations are unaware that there are huge financial savings and cost reductions to be made through storing their essential documents and files in warehouse storage.

  Santa Fe are currently Asia’s leader in information and records storage solutions. Regardless of the format you use to manage your records, they can be catalogued and stored efficiently with the help of Santa Fe’s warehouse storage facility. This way, your information can be retrieved quickly.  

Keeping business files and documents safe and secure is essential for all businesses in The Philippines and around the world. All documents have operational, financial and legal vale. Documents need to be safe, accessible and easy to find whenever you need them. 

With Santa Fe’s modern, professional storage facilities, equipment, and experienced staff you can be rest assured that your documents are:

·         Protected 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

·         Protected against data loss.

After your documents have all been stored, Paperless Trail Inc. will provide the scanning, imaging and electronic Archive solution for them.

We will: 

  •         Precisely index and archive your files and records for easy and accurate retrieval whenever you need them.
  •    streamline your records, reducing your management costs by up to 50%. 

Services offered by Paperless Trail & Santa Fe:

  • Records Management.
  • Data Protection.
  • Document Imaging & Scanning Solutions
  • Archiving software solution with (Archive One).
  • Secure Shredding &  Document Destruction.

 These services offer protection, efficiency and partnership. 

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