Premier Scanning & Imaging with top of the range equipment. (Ref: AO-119)

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At Paperless Trail we are extremely proud of our premier imaging and Scanning solutions, which are provided along with our ‘Archive One’ Document Management System software.

With our premier scanning and imaging services, we:

  • Scan and index all of your physical documents and files for you.
  • Transfer the documents on to our document management system (Archive One).
  •  Help simplify finding and managing your files and documents at the click of a button.

 In just 8 hours with our high powered scanning machines we can deliver up to:

  • 15,000 pages of scanned output for A4 & A3 size/Mono Color.
  • 200 pages of scanned output for A2 & A0 size/Mono Color.

We do this in 5 simple steps:

  1.  Retrieve physical files and documents.
  2.  Scan physical files and documents.
  3. Convert physical files and documents electronically through indexing.
  4. Turnover digital archives.
  5. Provide Software (Archive One) to update, search for and retrieve files, and manage the archive. 

Scanning Equipment:

  •  Fi 6670
  • Canon DR-61100
  •  Canon DR-6030
  • Canon DR-5010c
  • Fi-6140
  • DRG 1100

Note: If this article leads to you making an inquiry to us, please use reference RE: AO-119 when you email us with your inquiry.

We have completed numerous large scale scanning and imaging projects to the full satisfaction of all our clients, which include some of the most well-known and successful global companies in The Philippines.


Recent Scanning & Imaging Clients: