Never lose your vital records or documents in a fire again. (AO-149)

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Never lose your vital records or documents in a fire again...


Whenever a serious fire event occurs, the first priority is always to evacuate everyone out of the building as quickly as possible and to ensure that everyone is safe. Calling the fire brigade to put out the fire and prevent structural damage is the second most important priority.

Once everyone has been evacuated, and the fire brigade has been called, it still takes time for the fire brigade to show up and put out the fire. In this time many valuable personal belongings, items and documents may already be damaged or completely destroyed.

 Fire blazes are a much more common occurrence than many people realize, particularly in disaster prone countries such as the Philippines. A serious disaster can be caused by any number of common reasons, such as:

  • Earthquake (or other natural disaster)
  • Faulty Wiring
  • Cooking related fire (Leaving oven on, hot plates etc)
  • Deliberate fire


Most offices have numerous important documents, papers, books, paintings and other precious memorabilia which can be devastating to their owners in the event of them being damaged or destroyed in a fire. The loss of work and memories is particularly hard to swallow especially knowing its a situation that’s entirely preventable.

With a document management system, and through archiving all of your documents electronically, you can ensure never to lose documents, or files in a fire or by any other natural disaster or emergency ever again.

Archive One is a document management system designed to help document administrators classify, store & secure, search for and retrieve essential company records.

With its advanced search features, Archive One makes searching for all documents (old & new) fast and simple.

A centralized document repository helps save time, reduce costs, improve operational efficiency and provide security for physical and electronic documents.