Managing HR Files with a Document Management System - The Solution (Ref: AO-129)

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Managing HR Files with a Document Management System – An electronic solution to all of your document management problems!


The primary goal of HR staff is to hire the best candidates for their organization in order to achieve its strategic goals, and you can count on the HR department being the department which always has mountains of paperwork to manage.

If any of that paperwork is not properly tracked, filed or managed, it can cause problems for the whole company, which is why HR document management is such a vital process.

When the Document Management process is streamlined, HR departments and organizations can reduce costs, processing time, and gain compliance.

Human resources create countless pieces of paper for every employee, from applications, to background checks, 201 files, insurance, employment and benefit forms, and much more.

All of this paper takes a lot of time to fill out, file and retrieve later.

The 5 C’s of HR Document Management:

Centralize - Centralize your HR documents by bringing them together from multiple systems or formats.  After gathering your necessary files, consider moving from a paper-based filing system to an electronic document management system.  To do this, you can outsource an imaging and Document Management Company to scan your paper documents, as well as import emails and other documents from other systems. The key is to centralize all of the documents into one easy to access system and streamline outdated paper-based processes.   
 Once you have centralized and converted your files, you can free up valuable office space by shredding the old paper files. 

Compliance - In today’s regulatory environment, compliance is more important than ever.  Information privacy laws set strict rules on the security and retention of documents containing personally identifiable information (PII) such as items contained in personnel records. By transitioning to an electronic document management system, complying with regulations are easy. This system allows your organization to limit or restrict access, provide audit tracking and document retention scheduling. 

Control - Controlling access to HR documents is a key component of any document management system.  An electronic document management system can make that easier by allowing organizations to set different levels of protection and access, while restricting functions such as sharing or editing. Gaining control of the documents is vital to preventing loss or unauthorized access.

Collaboration - Work environments are becoming more and more diverse.  HR department now have to collaborate with staff in multiple locations, departments and even countries.  Make this process easier by implementing an electronic document management system.  No matter where your location, cloud based document management allows your organization to submit, route and share documents with the click of a mouse. 

Costs - Electronic document management systems may seem expensive but when considering the time and expense associated with managing paper intensive processes it is a win-win. 
Once you have a document management system in place, you save money by saving time—time that you can spend on managing human resources.  Implementing a cloud-based document management system means no more wasted time retrieving, filing and routing paper documents.  Documents are stored securely in the cloud and can be accessed anywhere, anytime making your department and the organization much more efficient. 

The Bottom Line – By following the five C’s of HR document management, HR professionals can become more productive, and gain regulatory compliance.  A well-organized document management system leads to overall improved performance and better flow of information throughout all areas of your organization.  You will find that the payoff is well worth the effort—both today and for years to come.

With Archive One there is no longer a need for paper files, no more overstuffed cabinets, no more physically transferring files between departments or locations, and no more missing or misplacing documents or painful audits. 

It is essential for HR staff to efficiently and quickly be able to do the following:

  • Process new applicants and route documents through to the appropriate managers - ensuring the best applicants get the attention they deserve.
  • Have secure built in workflows, to ensure that the right people have the right information at the right time, and to identify anything that’s missing.
  • Securely store and manage employee files with digital folders to ensure that the separation of key employee documents such as; 201 files, medical records, and other employee documents and manuals, making stressful audits a thing of the past.
  • Focus on issues around employee retention and satisfaction – not chasing down paper forms and files.
  • Enhance your productivity with software solutions that makes the job more efficient and easier.  

An HR document management system allows you to:

  • Scan every paper resume or capture them directly from your desktop, email or fax
  • Streamline the life cycle of hiring, interviewing and performance reviews
  • Add Workflow to route all employees' information and promotions through the review and approval process
  • Store and protect all employee records, 201 files, time cards, benefits forms, reviews, etc.
  • Automatically route resumes to appropriate managers to review and schedule interviews, then route through the review and approval process
  • Keep a complete record of who viewed, modified, approved and changed information
  •  Add notes to imaged documents
  • Track benefits and vacation requests in one location
  •  Full Text Search to quickly find and retrieve information; easily complete reports
  • Manage all other back office documents
  • Store and easily retrieve reports
  • Add notes to a document
  • Ensure confidentiality and security
  • Disaster Protection


  • Cut recruiting and hiring costs by eliminating the paper shuffle
  • Streamline the life cycle of hiring, interviewing and performance reviews
  • Guaranteed user adoption with the user friendly, flexible interface
  • Let HR staff focus on recruiting and hiring and less on paperwork
  • Know the status and location of all candidates and employee records in your system
  • Enable staff to view required documents simultaneously
  • Ensure compliance
  • Never misplace a document again
  • Eliminate rows of filing cabinets and the costs associated with file storage

  • Browser based; 24 hours secure access from anywhere

  • Feature rich document management functions such as check-out and check-in, version control and collaboration

  • Capture and store scanned documents, e-mail, faxes, and electronic documents in a single, secure, searchable repository

  • Multi-level security settings to prevent unauthorized access to documents

  • Complete auditing and tracking

  • Search based upon full text or index values

  •  Revision control manages all versions and keeps track of changes

  • Full-text OCR and imaging of all documents

  • Share documents with external parties such as board members

  • Rules based Routing and Approval Workflows to manage the business process

  • Built in retention scheduling features to keep only those documents you need; reduce chances of litigation