Managing Finance Files with a Document Management System (Ref: AO-130)

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Managing Finance Files with a Document Management System – An electronic solution to all of your document management problems!

Organizations and companies can never be too careful with safeguarding the confidential financial documents they use every day. Safety and security is of paramount importance when dealing with these sensitive documents, and whilst the move to a paperless digital platform may be somewhat unpopular with many financial employees who are worried about change, once they take the step forward and invest in document scanning, and a document management system, they will quickly see and experience the countless benefits that come with it.

A Document Management System not only increases employee productivity, but also improves customer service, and adds state of the art protection and security for financial documents and data.

A Document Management System also offers safe, organized and easily accessible data for those employees with the proper credentials. Since the document management side of the business is dealt with, accountants, finance managers’ and other finance staff can more efficiently deal with important financial tasks at hand.        

The way in which financial documents are stored and managed also plays a pivotal role in the competitiveness of a company, the efficiency of its operations, how well risk is avoided, and the accuracy of important financial decisions.

By converting financial documents in to digital files, joining electronic documents in to a single, unified and secure Document Management System, everything is searchable and immediately retrievable.

Behind nearly every financial document is an important process. Documents are routed for reviews, submitted for approvals, organized for retention, and more. From a simple approval action, to a sophisticated multi-step process with complicated branch decisions, Document Locator's document workflow relieves the inefficiency of manually-driven tasks. Document processes are automated in defined workflows, improving the speed, accuracy, and audit-ready accountability of procedures and outcomes.

The burden of regulatory and compliance requirements weigh heavy in the financial services industry, with countless laws and regulations having to be followed. Making sure documents are within the scope of regulatory requirements is essential to avoiding potentially severe financial consequences. Document Locator's document control capabilities, including security, workflow, records policies, and more, provide the tools needed to manage financial documents in compliance with regulations. 

Benefits of a Document Management System for financial documents:

  • Centralized document repository with security.
  • Automated workflow for reviews, approvals, and process steps.
  • Audit logging of document activities.
  • Annotations, redactions, and digital signatures integrations.
  • Document control components for regulatory compliance requirements.
  • Add notes to imaged documents
  • Manage all other back office documents
  • Store and easily retrieve reports
  • Add notes to a document
  • Ensure confidentiality and security
  • Disaster Protection
  • Enable staff to view required documents simultaneously
  • Ensure compliance
  • Never misplace a document again
  •  Eliminate rows of filing cabinets and the costs associated with file storage
  • Browser based; 24 hours secure access from anywhere
  • Feature rich document management functions such as check-out and check-in, version control and collaboration
  • Capture and store scanned documents, e-mail, faxes, and electronic documents in a single, secure, searchable repository
  • Multi-level security settings to prevent unauthorized access to documents
  • Complete auditing and tracking
  • Search based upon full text or index values
  • Revision control manages all versions and keeps track of changes
  •  Full-text OCR and imaging of all documents
  • Share documents with external parties such as board members

  • Rules based Routing and Approval Workflows to manage the business process

  • Built in retention scheduling features to keep only those documents you need; reduce chances of litigation