LTFRB lost Grab/Uber accreditation papers

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The case of the missing Grab/Uber papers

Grab and Uber vs LTFRB is a hot topic right now as 50,000 cars face deactivation for ‘colorum’ operations. People who use the app have reacted as this affects their commuting experience greatly.

Just today, 21st of July, LTFRB has released a statement saying that Grab/Uber accreditation papers are missing. These papers are needed in order to know the firms' business design, the requirements they submitted, their proposals and how they will go about their business.

Because of this, it became a lot harder for LTFRB to implement their new procedure.

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This is one of the main reasons why every business needs a document management system (DMS).

Aside from providing a single repository for all company data, it manages, stores, and tracks the electronic document. It is also a compliance tool which makes management and customization of important documents easy – and it makes your office paperless!

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