Importance of keeping as-built condominium and other construction project plans (AO-155)

Tags: Condominiums, Homeowners associations, As-Built Building Plans, Engineering Plans


Importance of keeping as-built building and engineering plans;


As-built engineerings plans for condominiums and other construction project types are very important.

Most of the time original designs are being stored and produced electronically these days and are usually backed up by the architects and developers.  However it is a different story for As-builts.

As-builts are really important years after construction, when condo associations or homeowners start to do renovations or repair work.  Developers are busy doing other work and cannot provide the original plans.  And even if they do, chances are they will not have the actual implementation of the project.  This can lead to disastrous results in newer projects.

Tips for Homeowners and Homeowners Associations

- On project turnover, always as for orginals and as-built plans with annotations during the project.

- Ask for construction photos if available.

- Ask for these, structural, plumbing and electrical plans.

- Store these files electronically and back them up.

-Archive One Team