Document Security: Controlling Release Versions of Special Documents (Ref: AO-106)

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42 23900042 Document Security: Controlling Release Versions of Special DocumentsDocument Security and Revision control, also called version control or source control, is the management of changes to documents that are stored as computer files. Changes are usually identified by a number or letter code, termed the “revision number”.

Regulating changes made, and the release of special documents is vitally important to any business process. This ensures only the most accurate and up to date information is used and disseminated to the organization, and to the company’s clients.

Large, fast-changing projects with many authors need a Version Control System to track changes and avoid general chaos and confusion. An effective Version Control System does the following:

  • Backup and Restore. This means there is always a ready copy of past editions for any company document prior to any changes being made. The original is never overwritten.
  • Synchronization. Allows people share files and keep updated with the latest version.
  • Historical changes. There should be a ready report, listing all the changes that have been made on every document at any time.
  • Editing Ownership. There should be a record of which user has made changes to a document and when.

Most version control systems have many other features, but the ones described above are the basic necessities. These features allow any enterprise or business to monitor any changes being made to their files. At the same time, they create a secure environment to prevent any human errors from occuring.

Archive One is a Document Management System in the Philippines. Archive One doesn't only provide a complete document management, archiving and back up process.  It also comes with built in security measures and monitoring reports for any version changes and user event logs.

Archive One is a product of Paperless Trail Inc., a Philippines based system integrator and applications developer who specialize in document management systems, GIS based applications, and document scanning and digitizing.

Paperless Trail is a member of Quadra Alliance – the premier full service IT solutions provider in the Philippines.

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