Data Privacy Act: HR Accountabilities and Liabilities

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Mishandling of information covered by the Data Privacy Act can result in fines and criminal liabilities.

Information, whether it’s from the business or for the business, is key to growth and success. As custodians responsible for managing this information, you risk incurring penalties if there are any data breaches because of negligence.  It’s safe to say that information can make or break your business.

Data Privacy Act of 2012 ensures that personal, private, or privileged information is protected. It covers personnel data and companies involved in the processing of personnel data and other sensitive information.

Paperless Trail Inc., a business solutions company, in partnership with GlobalSign, a trusted identity services company and utimaco, have organized this event to help you understand the relevance of the Data Privacy Act, and its impact on your business.

For Human Resources (HR) Management - a venue to learn more

The event is for our Human Resources (HR) partners to learn more about the Data Privacy Act (DPA) R.A. 10173.   

Human Resources (HR) are usually the first group to handle Personally Identifiable Information (PIIs).  This event is intended to provide a venue to ask questions about the impact of the DPA to operations.

Find out what is required, what the liabilities are and other salient points.

The guest speaker is Mr. Dondi Mapa, Deputy Privacy Commissioner of the National Privacy Commission.

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This event has no registration fee required.

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