Data Mining Employee Records for the BPO sector (AO-154)

Tags: Data Mining, BPO Sector, Archive One, Document Management System, DMS, Employee Records, Employee Files



When it comes to BPO companies, it’s a known fact that there is usually a massive employee turnover.


A few essential things for managers at BPO companies to know are which schools provide the most employees, which provinces your employees come from, and where most of your employees currently live.


With a Document Management System, documents are electronically stored and secured via index fields through selected criteria. This means you can do an advanced search to find out this information. 


By seeing which schools most of your employees come from, which provinces they are from, and where they live, you can analyze this data and work out which employee applicants would be best to invite for a job interview. (Which applicants are most likely to stay at the company, and which are most likely to just leave after a few weeks or months). Observing which schools, provinces and addresses previous long term employees have come from can help to establish this.   


An introduction to Document Management Systems:

The primary purpose of a Document Management System is used to help administrators classify, store and secure, search for, and retrieve essential company records. With its advanced search features document retrieval becomes fast, efficient, and simple.

A centralized document repository helps save time, reduces costs, improves operational efficiency, and provides security for physical and electronic documents.

Key Benefits & Features of Archive One Document Management System:

  1. Flexible solution - adapts to any company’s document management procedures.
  2. System - reduces time required for document searching, retrieval, classification and storage. 
  3. Secure - administrators can track users who have accessed the system & documents.
  4. Sends alerts whenever a document is due for renewal, update, expiring or expired.
  5. Can be deployed as standalone application, networked over corporate LAN, and/ or accessed via the internet.
  6. Comprehensive archive administration.
  7. User rights management access and control.
  8. Access logs - see & manage who has accessed or added files.
  9.  View document history.
  10. Document set status report – auditing purposes.   

Benefits of Archive One for the BPO industry:

  • BPO companies employ a high volume of employees to meet client's demands. (Can number 25,000+ employees). All employees have a file accompanied with vast amounts of paperwork which must be organized, filed, secured and kept up-to-date.
  • This process is made simple and efficient with Archive One!
  •  HR department can store and secure documents on Archive One for potential new recruits and current employees (CVs, compliance documents etc.). Vital due to the huge volume of applicants and employees.
  • Search for employee's documents on Archive One by searching key words. (Method allows files to be found easily at the click of a button). Documents already archived and arranged into organized folders.
  • Document security - Files stored electronically and securely on Archive one. (Means you won't be using up valuable office space with filing cabinets and disorganized document storage). Your documents will also always be safe and backed up.
  • All required employee documents and files such as 201 files, BIR/ITR filing and payments deadline, SSS/Philhealth remittance schedule, SEC Compliance, etc can all be electronically organized, stored and archived on Archive One.